Roof Guard Protection Barrier





The Roof Guard Protection Barrier (RGPB) is a new (Patent Pending) product exclusive to Guardian Fencing.  The RGPB provides an aesthetically sound,  highly effective anti-climb barrier preventing access to low roofs and walls.  Formed from high tensile curved sprung steel, the brackets provide a strong, lightweight support to a curved high security close mesh covering.  The curved configuration in conjunction with the high tensile properties of the support brackets is highly resistant to physical attack, climbing, penetration and deformation.

The close mesh formation, particularly in its curved form ensures limited opportunity for finger holds and the high tensile steel brackets resist bending if subject to live loading in an attack.

A Safer Solution:

The concepts, principles and design guidance stated in Secured by Design (SBD) documentation aims to provide guidance at the design stage of a building project to achieve a safe and secure environment by incorporating design features which deter scaling or climbing.  Where this opportunity has been missed there is a need for retrospective action.  Current solutions utilise aggressive and hazardous systems incorporating razor wire, spikes, anti-climb paint or large unattractive physical barriers.  The RGPB system offers effective, robust low key curved anti climb protection to vulnerable areas and is not based on a visible threat of physical injury.







Highly effective and safe means of deterring unwanted visitors from climbing onto a low roof.

Extremely useful for any facility with a low roof; schools,  commercial properties, clinics and health centres,