Rolltop System

     Rolltop System     Rolltop System     Rolltop System     Rolltop System



Built in Rigidity:
The rolled beam profile at the top and bottom edge of each panel results in maximum rigidity.

Attractive - durable:
High quality appearance, long life and low maintenance through the use of galvanised wire and high build bonded polyester coating.

3.025m post centres for maximum economy of labour and handling.

Supplied as a complete system with panels, posts and gates.  Ideal for multi-lift erection for fence heights of 2.4m to 4.0m.

The principle feature of the fence is the unique and 'user friendly' rolled beam section on the top and bottom edge, acting as horizontal supports spanning between the posts.  The open mesh configuration is also decorative in appearance allowing excellent through visibility.






Parks, schools, playgrounds & sports stadia, airports, utilities (gas, water, electric & telecommunications).

Rolltop System