Paladin 2000 System

     Paladin 2000 System     Paladin 2000 System     Paladin 2000 System     Paladin 2000 System



Paladin is the most popular weldmesh fence panel due to its innovative and unique appearance: a sophisticated and decorative type mesh pattern, with integral 'V' forms.

High Visibility:
Strong, lightweight construction having improved performance against 'cut through' and climbing, whilst providing clear visibility along the fence line.

Easily Installed:
Simple but innovative design for easy installation, with flexibility at corners and gradients.  Vertical or cranked extensions to support three rows of barbed wire available together with Robusta Gates to provide additional security.

To achieve fence heights in excess of 2.4m the panels are designed for multi-lift erection, i.e. one or more panels are placed above the bottom panel.






Parks, schools, playgrounds & sports stadia, public buildings, factories & warehouses, airports, marinas,  utilities (gas, water, electric & telecommunications).

Paladin 2000 System