U Shaped Maximum Security Posts

     Bekasecure Posts     Bekasecure Posts     Bekasecure Posts    



Heavy duty posts manufactured using galvanised 140 x 115 x 3 or 140 x 150 x 5 mm RHS hollow section steel tube and can be supplied with base plate if required where conditions allow. Panels are secured by a vertical cover plate covering the full height of the panel and the system accommodates corners and stepping of the panels. The system comes complete with base plates, corner posts, foundation anchorage set, steel M8 x 35 dome headed bolts, M8 washers and M8 x 30 headed bolts and stainless steel cone nuts with snap off head.

Complete System:
The Bekasecure Post system can only be purchased as a complete system. Vertical extensions to support 3 rows of barbed wire available to provide additional security.

The posts are polyester powder coated with a galvanised substrate in accordance with Euronorm 10137. Complete with post cap and fixings.

Metal fixing bracket for joining panels to the post.
Galvanised and plastic green security bolts M6 x 40 and M7 washers in stainless steel for corner intermediary posts.
Brackets for joining panels in vertical plane.
U profile plus fixings for reinforcement of top of panels galvanised and plastic coated.
H profile brackets for joining panels in vertical plane aluminum and plastic coated in grey or green.






A unique post and fixing system for exclusive use with Securifor 358.